The Eton Rifles was formed around december 2017,

The band members are :-

Lyndon Hepworth on vocals & lead guitar  30419927_10156242547264344_6649821663549803332_ojpg

Alex Walton on bass  30420868_10156242545244344_7414781496990016154_ojpg

Laura Hepworth on vocals and rhythm guitar  30171141_10156242544984344_6263764875278853191_ojpg

Steve Cannon on keyboards  30425306_10156242547479344_7464109432397617535_ojpg

Rick Holmes on drums  30425425_10156242547249344_3433822568432648297_ojpg

Lyndon ,Alex and Laura were former members of the Eton Rifles which split up in Dec 2015 following a successfull 15 years or more on the circuit .

Laura has been playing in a originals band in Liverpool since the Rifles.

Alex formed This Is England and enjoyed a good 2-3 years with them on the circuit ,he also has an American band called the New York Rocks.

Steve Cannon - played keys with a great band Mod Review before joining The Extra Specials who are very successfull ,especially on the scooter scene.

Rick Holmes played drums with the excellent Strikes who untill they split end of 2017 were one of the top bands around .

From The Eton Rifles has now got a good range of experience and talent from various top bands to make one fantastic group who hopefully will be around for many years to come .

thank you .